A Lich is an extremely powerful undead humanoid. They are highly intelligent and adept spell casters. Mithril or better magical weapons are needed to hurt them. They are created when a powerful mage seeks to escape mortality by becoming undead.

Liches are powerful necromancers which have embraced the power of Lichdom, placing their soul in an object called a ‘Phylactery’, which is usually a Colossal Black Soul Gem. They are always selfish and power-hungry, destroying all in their searches for souls to repair the Phylactery. They are extremely intelligent and are adept spellcasters; along with their random effect staffs, they carry tremendous power and arcane magic. A Lich is immortal and powerful, always resurrecting if their Phylactery is not crushed. They always have control of at least a small undead army and a tomb.

Ancient Lich
The Ancient Lich is a more powerful form of Lich which has created more than one Phylactery, and should be avoided at all costs. They always control vast undead legions and a ruined castle.

Nether Lich
Nether Liches were normal liches, but, for a certain time were weakened by a destruction of one of their Phylacteries.

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