A common undead creature often found protecting the dungeons, forts and ruins of Tamriel. Many varieties of animated skeleton exist, some stronger than others.

Although they can be damaged by unenchanted arms, any edged weapons (swords, axes, etc.) do only about half their normal damage. Adventurers are advised to used blunt weapons (maces, hammers, flails, etc.) when fighting these creatures. Experienced adventurers have no trouble dispatching them. They’re immune to disease, frost and poison and resistant to shock.

Crippled Skeleton
A lower form of undead found throughout the land of Morrowind.

Skeleton Archer
Skeletons employing a bow and arrow to attack.

Skeleton Champion
A powerful form of the Skeleton found throughout Morrowind and Cyrodiil.

Skeleton Guardian
A tougher variety of Skeleton.

Skeleton Hero
Even tougher varieties of Skeleton.

Skeleton Warrior
A slightly more powerful form of the Skeleton found in tombs throughout Tamriel. Immune to disease, frost, and poison and resistant to shock.

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