The Khajiit are a race of feline humanoids hailing from the province of Elsweyr, well-known for their keen intelligence and agility. While these traits make them superb thieves and acrobats, Khajiit are also fearsome warriors, although seldom gifted with the skill to harness magical forces. This is not to say that Khajiit do not possess the ability, merely that strenuous training must be undertaken to make wielding magic a serious option, either in passive or aggressive actions.

Physiologically, Khajiit differ greatly from both the varied races of man and mer, not only in their skeletal structure (possessing a tail and, in some forms, a digitigrade stance, i.e. toe walking) and dermal makeup (the “fur” that covers their bodies) but in their digestion and metabolism as well. The Khajiit, along with the Argonians and the Imga, make up the so called ‘beast races’ of the Empire, due to their therianthropic qualities. It is currently unclear whether a successful union between Khajiit and other races may occur, for no well-documented cases exist despite rumors. The divergent appearance and mannerisms of the Khajiit often lead bigoted members of other races to look down on them.

  • Ability Scores
    • +4 Dexterity
    • -2 Constitution
    • -2 Wisdom
  • Skill Bonuses
    • +2 Acrobatics
    • +2 Disable Device
    • +2 Perception
    • +2 Sleight of Hand
    • +2 Stealth
  • Racial Traits
    • Claws: Unarmed attacks deal 1d4 lethal damage
    • Darkvision 60ft
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Scent
  • Racial Powers
    • Eye of Fear: As the Fear spell (except affected creatures need not drop everything) for 5 rounds, 1/day
      • Will negates, save DC equals 10 + 1/2ECL + Cha mod

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