Nirn (believed to mean ‘Arena’ in Ehlnofex) is the planet on which the Elder Scrolls is set. It floats in the void of Oblivion and is, for all intents and purposes, the majority of the realm known as Mundus. Sources often use the terms Nirn and Mundus synonymously, despite the technical differences in the two terms. Nirn was created during the Dawn Era by the Aedra and Anu-aligned spirits, based on Lorkhan‘s inspiration and Magnus’ designs.

Nirn has two moons, Masser and Secunda. The other astral bodies in the sky above Nirn are believed to actually be the spheres of the Aedra and Daedra, as seen from the mortal plane. The sun and stars are also punctures in the veil of Oblivion, through which the light of Aetherius shines into Mundus. One exception is the snake constellation, The Serpent, which simply ‘drifts’ about the sky. It is made up of “unstars”.

Tamriel is the main continent of Nirn and is its mythic and symbolic center. Other continents on Nirn are almost mythic and very little is truly known about them anymore. Many legends and tales abound from early history concerning these places, but they have garnered little attention since the written works of old.

Akavir: an often hostile continent to the east of Tamriel
Aldmeris: a fabled continent from which the Aldmer came to Tamriel
Atmora: a frigid continent to the north, home to the ancestors of the Nords
Cathnoquey: a region of land that lies between Tamriel and Akavir
Esroniet: a small island kingdom that lies between Tamriel and Akavir
Pyandonea: a continent to the far southwest of Tamriel, home to the Maormer
Roscrea: a region of land that lies between Tamriel and Atmora
Solstheim: an island located in the Sea of Ghosts, north of Tamriel
Thras: an archipelago to the southwest of Tamriel, home of the Sload
Yneslea: a region of land that lies between Tamriel and Akavir
Yokuda: a ruined collection of islands blasted by a cataclysm to the west of Tamriel, original home of the Redguards

Bodies of Water:
Eltheric Ocean: west of Tamriel, encompasses the Abecean Sea, the Sea of Pearls, and the Azurian Sea.
Padomaic Ocean: east of Tamriel, encompasses the continent, as well as the Sea of Ghosts.
Inner Sea: located within the province of Morrowind on Tamriel, connects to the Sea of Ghosts

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