The Planes of Oblivion are the dimensional planes which are home to all the Daedra. As with Aetherius, Oblivion is comprised of an innumerable number of “smaller” planes, each of which can be very extensive. Each plane is supposedly very different in appearance, depending upon the nature of the prince who rules it. They can range from beautiful to desolate; some may not even resemble worlds as Men or Mer think of them, containing nothing but dust and smoke, or changing constantly.

Oblivion is often associated with tales of Hellspawn and most forms of Destruction (especially fire), and is likely known as Hell, or the home to demons. This image is only accurate for the planes of daedric princes known for destruction, such as Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal, as the Daedra are not actually demons, only sentient beings who do the bidding (often destructive) of their respective masters.

Realms of note:
Deadlands, ruled by Mehrunes Dagon
The Shivering Isles, also referred to as Madhouse, ruled by Sheogorath/Jyggalag
Ashpit, ruled by Malacath
Attribution’s Share, previously referred to as Snake Mount, ruled by Boethiah
Coldharbour, ruled by Molag Bal
Colored Rooms, ruled by Meridia
Hunting Grounds, ruled by Hircine
Apocrypha, ruled by Hermaeus Mora
Moonshadow, ruled by Azura
Scuttling Void, ruled by Namira
Pits, ruled by Peryite
Realm of Clavicus Vile, thus far unnamed, ruled by Clavicus Vile
Misty Grove, one of the supposedly thousands of realms ruled by Sanguine
Quagmire, ruled by Vaermina
Evergloam, one of several realms said to be ruled by Nocturnal
Shade Perilous, one of several realms said to be ruled by Nocturnal
Web, ruled by Mephala
Chimera of Desolation, created by Mehrunes Dagon
Gaiar Alata, also referred to as Paradise, created by Mankar Camoran using the Mysterium Xarxes
Havoc Wellhead, ruled by Daedra in service to Mehrunes Dagon
Soul Cairn, ruled by a race of gem-like beings called the Ideal Masters

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