Presented below are the two primary Pantheons of Tamriel, the Nine Divines and the Daedric Princes as recognized primarily by Cyrodiils and the Empire. Many other Aedra and Daedra exist and are recognized and worshipped in various pantheons and can be found here.

The Nine Divines (Aedra, plus Talos the ascended)

Name Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Akatosh G LG Endurance, Invincibility, Duty, Service, Obedience, Time
Arkay G LN Burials, Funeral Rights, Life, Death, Seasons
Dibella I CG Beauty, Art, Gratutious Sex/Porn
Julianos LN Wisdom, Logic, Magic, Literature, Law, History, Contradiction
Kynareth G The Heavens, The Winds, The Elements, The Sky, Rain
Mara G NG Love, Compassion, Understanding, Bountiful Earth, Fertility
Stendarr LG Righteous Rule by Might and Merciful Forebearance
Talos CG Heroes, Men
Zenithar NG Work, Commerce, Wealth, Labor, Communication

Daedric Princes (Daedra, Rulers of Oblivion)

Name Domains Rank Alignment Favored Weapon Portfolio
Azura G N Moonshadow, Dusk and Dawn
Boethiah G CN Deceit, Conspiracy, Plots, Assassination, Treason, Unlawful Overthrow of Authority
Clavicus Vile G CN The Granting of Power and Wishes through Ritual Invocations and Pact
Hermaeus Mora G N Apocrypha, The Scrying of the Tides of Fate, Portence, Augury, Knowledge, Memory
Hircine G LE Spear The Hunting Grounds, The Hunt, The Sport of Daedra, The Great Game, The Chase, Manbeasts
Jyggalag G LN Sword The Shivering Isles, Order
Malacath G NE Warhammer Ashpit, Strength, The Spurned and Ostracized, The Ugly, The Betrayed
Mehrunes Dagon G CE Deadlands, Destruction, Change, Revolution, Energy, Ambition, Natural Disasters
Mephala G CN The Web, Lies, Sex, Murder, Secrets, Betrayal
Meridia G LG The Colored Rooms, Light, Life, Positive Energy
Molag Bal G CE Mace Coldharbour, Domination and Enslavement of Mortals, Rape, Strife, Discord, Vampires
Namira G NE The Scuttling Void, Decay, Eternal Darkness, Spirits, Revulsion, Cannibalism
Nocturnal G CN Evergloam, Night, Darkness, Shadow, Thieves
Peryite I LN Tasks, Order, Pestilence
Sanguine G CN Hedonistic Revelry, Debauchery, Passionate Indulgences of Darker Natures, Pranks
Sheogorath G CN The Shivering Isles, Madness, Lunacy
Vaermina Quagmire, Dreams, Nightmares, Evil Omens, Torture

For full descriptions of Domains, see the Cleric Domain List (3.5) OR the Pathfinder SRD (3.7)

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