Spells in the Elder Scrolls universe work much in the same way as normal D&D spells with the exceptions of using a spell point (Magicka) system and with the way they are obtained. Instead of buying spellcasting levels resulting in a greater number of spells known, players only purchase Magicka with experience points. Spells are then purcahsed in the form of Spell Tomes by means of gold (or Septims, as it is), or found as treasure/loot. A spell tome teaches the spell contained within it only once, after which it disappears.

All spells now fall under one of the 5 schools of magic, as follows:
Destruction (Int) – elemental spells, most damaging spells
Alteration (Wis) – protection spells, spells that change the forms of things
Restoration (Wis) – healing spells, spells against undead, positive energy spells
Conjuration (Cha) – summoning spells, necromancy spells, spells dealing with other planes
Illusion (Cha) – charm/compulsion spells, illusions, most mind-affecting spells

Some spells do not convert well (if at all) into the Elder Scrolls setting and thus are unavailable in this game or can be used with some tailoring. What follows is a collection of such spells as they become apparent.

Summon Monster This spell (and all variants of it) do not fit the theme of the Elder Scrolls’ Conjuration school simply by virtue of not really conjuring the right things the right way (for instance, summoning scorpions and bears instead of Daedra). In the stead of these spells, a new set of spells has been developed, outlined below.
Conjure Daedra (I through IX)
Summons a Daedra of appropriate power to Nirn. The Conjurer must then make a Pact with that Daedra (the method of which TBD), and if successful, can then summon that Daedra again.



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