Trolls are dangerous creatures with great strength, three eyes and amazing regenerative properties. Some believe a troll can only be completely killed if you burned the corpse; otherwise, it would come back to life after a short time. This isn’t necessarily true. Fire is very effective against trolls, but it’s not necessary to kill them.

Known as “ice trolls”, these powerful creatures share their mainland counterparts’ regeneration and vulnerability to fire. They are often found in the ice caves of Solstheim.

Swamp Troll
A troll native to the Swampy Cave.

Frost Troll
Frost Trolls are a type of Troll that is found in ice caves and other cold regions. They possess powers of regeneration, but are notably weak to fire.

Painted Troll
A strange form of troll created by the Brush of Truepaint. They are weak against turpentine, which can be applied to a weapon as poison when fighting them. The first six trolls were created in 3E 433 as guardians by a foolish Bosmer or Altmer thief (reports vary) who tried to steal the brush from its owner, Rythe Lythandas. The trolls turned on their creator and killed him. The fat of Painted Trolls is very useful in alchemy, and by 4E 201 Rythe was creating his own trolls in order to extract the rare ingredient.

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